Student in the house

Child attending the first grade, spends much less time for the game, although this occupation will attract him always. Therefore, from a huge box with an incredible amount of toys, which for 8-9 years accumulated a lot, you need to get rid of and make room for other pieces of furniture. As practice shows, a close and careful consideration of the majority of toys is useless, worthless and generally unused. A great solution would be with your child choose the right toys to him, and the others give. The benefit is obvious: the child will learn not to clutter up the apartment, and a place in the last increase.

Adolescence – a difficult time for the grown child and for his parents. Ideally, he needs his own room, where you can deal with their teenage problems. But if the footage of the apartment is not possible, you should try to create the most secluded spot where the teenager will be the rightful owner. You may have to purchase the compact furniture to one place to combine a sleeping area, sitting area and study. Fortunately, the space to play is not required, so equip a functional children’s play area in the apartment is not difficult. Of course, all decisions and changes to be agreed with by a teenager.
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Age of “Why Why”

For a child under school age is very important occupation game. It is therefore extremely important to identify a vast place where he can safely build castles, collect or feed the doll designer, without interfering with adult family members. One chest as children’s furniture will be a few – will have to buy (or make yourself) a few boxes of sorted toys, install shelves for books and other small things. Very useful, and a children table for painting and sculpting. By the way, today you can find folding tables, which can be just as useless to clean and pack when the baby decides to create another masterpiece. You may have to change has become a small cot. A great option would be a bunk bed, the first stage of which consists of a desktop, dresser or absent, allowing the child to create a “house.” It is important to take into account the wishes of the kid – 4-5-year-old may well explain why they like a particular piece of furniture or color, as well as where it is more convenient to play. Together with your child can make an original toy boxes, place the book, lay designer. Own territory, the creation of which the baby was directly involved, will be more readily maintained in order, even with reminders of her mother.

Closer to the child’s school, in addition to playing and sleeping area, you will need equipped place to study and work. Cooking lessons in the kitchen under the supervision of the mother – not the best option. For mental training necessary calm, intimate atmosphere. For the same reason it is not necessary to equip the workplace in the living room where the TV works and scurry other family members. Best of all, when there is a desk in the bedroom. Enough to buy a chair that is suitable to the child and a comfortable and relaxing job done. If even for a full desk is no place, it is possible to restrict folding top. The main thing is that it was comfortable and well secured.
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Baby began to move

When the child begins to crawl and may temporarily occupy yourself toys need to organize safe and comfortable place to play. It may be a small corner next to the bed, the main thing – that was not around sharp corners, mirrors, sockets, wires, and all that you can pull, throw, upset, etc. You can put on the floor a natural carpet or buy a special children’s developmental mat, good, now they are in a wide range. Of course, the young curious child will not please the prospect all the time to be in one corner, and he will certainly examine the entire apartment. But the place where you store his toys, clothing and bedding should be a must. By the way, children’s corner in the apartment can be arranged in several different tone than the rest of the room (especially if you plan to keep this area of ​​children’s long). Suit pastels, pictures and stickers with cartoon characters and tales, toy boxes in the form of little animals, etc. This design decision, it is quite feasible by the hands, the baby will feel only their personal space, even if it is part of the parents’ room.
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How to organize a children’s corner for a newborn

Thus, the addition to the family, and the house is announced cries of a newborn baby. Do not be surprised: even such crumbs to allocate space. It will be located crib, changing table, chest of drawers for children’s clothes. Convenience of placing all the furniture in the same place mother always appreciated. Typically, cot located away from windows and heaters, and certainly not by the door. Need and soft lighting in the form of a lamp or lamps over the crib or changing table, because in the first months of life up to him at night will repeatedly. Of course, all the materials for children’s furniture should be natural, and the furniture – no sharp edges or damage. It should be noted that to date, many companies offer furniture-transformer, which can substantially reduce spending on its change as the child grows. This furniture is adaptable to the needs of the grown man, and saves space of an apartment, even though it quite a lot. It is important to remember that even acquiring conventional bed with dresser and adjusts the height of turning into a changing table, a couple of years, you can forget about the change of furniture for children.
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Parents and the child is older

Since about two years are beginning to form the personal characteristics of the child, so like any other person he would need its own individual space. Because beds and screens child is not enough, organize his personal corner with his design, clothes and even furniture.

But mind you, that now perform “marital debt” will be much more problematic, because “howcast” is not asking the question “where do babies come from?” Learns the answer.

Maybe the interference for the better? You will become more appreciate any moment when you will have the opportunity to retire. From time to time you can give a child in the care of relatives or a nanny, and arrange a romantic dinner and evening. It will be a special night for you, and this has its advantages – for example, it seems to invite spouse to visit and return to dosvadebny period – well, not great is it? In the evening you can arrange different, you will already know how valuable time is, and that just spend it foolishly.

In the room with the baby

In the first years of life, this is not so difficult. You, on the contrary, conveniently located close to the baby crib. He is always in sight, and at night you’re not worried as he sleeps, because you can hear him breathing in the next room. For your privacy enough to put a screen in front of his bed. However, you, the parents have to go to bed early as well as the child, not to disturb the sleeping baby. Or keep inactivity, after the baby will rest in the arms of sleep. Screw any personal bedside lamps for reading books before bed, etc. Also in this age of the child you can still lead a quiet intimate conjugal life.
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Access denied!

Be sure to hide all drugs. Teach them to use the baby can not. Therefore set high up in the closet. Also, with the makeup. First, the baby’s great spoil it, and secondly even try to taste, but it is not always safe. Especially nail polish remover, paints themselves, etc.

Do not be afraid to show your child the surrounding objects, because sooner or later it will still have to do. But do not lose control over what the child has access and how it contacts with various objects.

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At random?

Yet accustomed to the dangers of child apartments can be and should be. From children’s curiosity you’re not going anywhere. Therefore it is better to satisfy such a thirst for information is correct. That is explained by the crumbs all that interests him. Even if it is female. Turn on the dryer with a child, and show how it works. Just remember that all electrical appliances, including the sockets should be serviceable. After all, once again, otherwise you can not protect the crumbs in the event of another attack of curiosity. Let the child in you, if he wants, he votknetsya plug into the socket. Although better, if the sockets are protected by covers.

The following dangerous object – forks, knives, etc. To hide them. Put it into the top shelf of the cabinet or drawer. This will be enough. But when you work with a knife, you can show the crumbs that it should be done. Give him a tablet and a banana, and that messing around with a knife. The main lesson that should be learned from this – the knife hurt pricked. It’s enough to gently poke a finger, and the child felt uncomfortable.

A very, very dangerous table …

It would seem that such an innocuous piece of furniture, and is fraught with many dangers threatening the child. And the danger, they are often created by the adults, and it is their negligence. For example, you put a cup of boiling water on the edge of the table. And by talking baby. And look “touches” that same cup, but then his hand slowly, or, alternatively, at a fantastic rate, are drawn to the circle. And in the circle, as you remember, the hot water. Not the fact that you always notice when a child will reach for this cup, and if it would get the same, the consequences can be very sad. Therefore, do not put sharp, glass, hot, and other things on the edge of the furniture. After all, even if it is an ordinary glass figurine, a child can cut, breaking it and stepping on broken glass.
If the table is an ashtray with cigarette butts, be sure the baby climbs back everything they can. Still, it stinks and all smoking is harmful. Sometimes kids show that is not only harmful, but also taste good. Yes, yes, they are like monkeys, first met with items such as cigarettes, or their remnants boldly shoved in his mouth the find. Therefore, even at a party ask not only smoke during the child, but also hide all ashtrays with a review of the young researcher.

The same goes for the hot iron, very heavy objects, etc. After all, if this is off the table cord dangle from this very iron, mixer and other household appliances, be sure the kid sure it pulls. And harder, “so sure.”

All the dangers you can not be able to prevent the advance of the child. Therefore, there will save only your thoroughness and thoughtfulness.

For a child in a small apartment

In a small apartment rarely allocate a separate room for the children. But even in the most humble circumstances parents be sure to take the child to a separate area, to take care not only of that it was all necessary and appropriate age of the child, but also to be in harmony with the total area of ​​the room.

For a child can be in the parents’ bedroom. Choose it near the window, so that it is well lit by natural light and intensively ventilated.
Everything that uses child must match his size and age, so that he alone could sit on a chair, a toy, remove and hang your towel and robe. However, items such as a lamp switch, carafe or pitcher of water, should be placed so that the child has not yet learned to use these things, it was impossible to get them.

Staging area child, make sure that everything that surrounds your children, it is not only durable, clean and hygienic, but also beautiful. All children love pictures, flowers, bright cheerful colors. Therefore, choosing wallpaper, upholstery for furniture, a variety of small things, try to keep it all in line and the taste of children.

Bed with high rails – one of the main subjects of a set of children’s furniture. Very nice bed with movable grid or mesh, which facilitates the approach to the sleeping child, and reloading of the bed. There are children’s beds, sliding long as the child grows.
Pre-school children, except bed, you must select the free space on the floor, put a rug there. Table with drawers for pencils, paint, etc., or a locker with a hinged board for drawing, a low standing shelf for toys and books are also needed in the corner of a preschooler. Standing at the bottom of the shelf can be done drawer crashproof toys (balls, cubes, etc.).

Shelves better hang sliding curtains (on a ring or a wire, calico, or other well-washable fabric with a cheerful picture).
On the wall you can nail a smooth piece of linoleum, which will replace the kids paper: not a very dark linoleum convenient crayon. Children are happy to use this kind of slate and do not try to draw on the stack, damage wallpaper. For linoleum convenient tack or small nails postcards and pictures. Board of linoleum can use and primary school children: they can write on it with chalk, as in school.

Corner student first has to include space for homework, to store books, notebooks and other school supplies. Desktop student should be such that it is convenient to write, arrange book, book, school supplies. Yknovenny best to use a desk with two drawers and a simple hard chair, legs that can saw through a bit. Table covered with thick paper. Height tables and chairs to match the growth of the child. On the wall above the table well hang sheets of hardboard with holes, which are attached wire hooks for hanging tools, sports equipment, etc.

For kids is easy to use folding table, which is a board hinged to a narrow wooden plank, nailed to the wall horizontally. Board based on the bracket hinged to the vertical bar, also nailed to the wall perpendicular to the first, but below it. So good to paint oil or enamel paint in the color of the walls to make it less noticeable when it came down. As the child grows, the table above can be strengthened, and thus, it can serve for many years. Natural and artificial light should fall on the table on the left.

In the children’s room, a convenient built-folding baby bed with a low back and folding legs. After installing the bed in the upright position it draws the curtain fabric. Bedding for the day strapped to a bed with two straps to fix them on the mattress when reclining bed. You can also use the beds, one of which slides under the other day. The room is elongated along one of its walls can be installed and regular beds, which are used during the day to rest. But in this case, during the day they must occupy as little space. In particular, mattresses (from separate bags) a day may be a shortened form; lids of boxes for bedding in the daytime are tables and rectangular cushions placed on the cover boxes, which can be mounted in an inclined position, and are thus podgolovnymi pillows. This design bed is also good that its length can be changed.

Now a proliferation of bunk beds for sleep usually teenagers. Popular cabinets, secretaries and secretaries-suspended shelves.

Desktops can be installed parallel to the window, or at an angle along the wall. Moreover, we note that, sitting against the wall, the child will be less distracted. Over the tables and on the walls often reinforce shelves for books, access to which is to be free.
Table games and activities should be rectangular, as being engaged in a round table, the children pressed against the chest to the top of the table, and for drawing and modeling elbows they are in the air, which is tedious and prevents the development of the right skills. For lessons to children may need scissors, a needle, a pen-knife. These things should not be left in the children’s corner. Adults need to give them as necessary and ensure that the children use them.

Student must clean up its own table: change the paper, make sure that the table was not piling up unnecessary objects. Notebooks, books, bag and other accessories should be kept in a designated place for them (in drawers, on shelves, in the locker). Characteristic of children of primary school age is I wish make yourself something. We must give the student paper, cardboard, pallets, nails, pieces, thread, glue, etc. All this should be stored in a drawer or on a closed shelf.

Bird cages, a small aquarium with fish revive children’s corner. Well, if the early childhood accustom children to take care of birds, fish, care for the colors in the order of toys and books.